Bennett Hospitality
The Bennett Hofford Company was founded in 1983 and is one of the largest locally owned development companies in Charleston, SC.  The company is a multi-faceted full service real estate and development company, as well as a hospitality and asset management company. Projects are developed, constructed and managed in this framework and range from award winning resort developments to the redesign and redevelopment of two city blocks, including three restaurants, a music hall and two hotels in downtown Charleston, to hotels all over the Charleston area, as well as Montana, Georgia & Florida.

Michael R. Bennett

Michael R. Bennett is the founder and owner of Bennett Hospitality. Mike’s start in the hospitality business began in 1977/78 when he opened ‘Free Wheelin” bicycles and moped rental business when he was a junior in college. From that start he developed a hospitality company that own 16 hotels and 8 restaurants in four states; South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Montana. Mike has an additional 8 hotels in development and over 6 restaurants in the pipeline, so there will be plenty to do in the coming years.

With vision, passion and energy Bennett Hospitality is attacking when others are sitting idle. During the recession years of 2006-2011 Bennett Hospitality grew at a tremendous pace. Buying existing partners, hotels and future development opportunities is what sets Bennett Hospitality apart from its competitors. When others are selling, BH is buying, and when others are buying BH is sitting tight.

With a clear goal of creating a multi-generational business, Mike is well on his way.



Tuesday, October 27, 2020